Treepoints Planted 13,020 Trees in Just Three Days!

Published by Aubrey Holt on

During our three days at Green Live, we planted a vast 13,020 trees. That will cover a new woodland of 68,782 square meters or 17 acres, which is about 272 tennis courts.

What Impact will these Trees have?

Once our Green Live trees are fully grown, each tree will absorb around 21 kilograms of CO2 each year, with the potential of recovering a tonne of CO2 throughout their lifetime. That means our Green Live forest could remove as much as 13,000 tonnes of CO2 throughout the coming decades.

These trees shall be planted by our partners at Eden Reforestation Projects, who have over 16 years of experience in planting an extraordinary 650 million trees. Eden’s mission not only generates essential carbon sinks through the planting and restoration of healthy forests, but also supports vulnerable communities in developing countries, reducing poverty, and improving their quality of life.

All of Eden’s projects work in partnership with local communities, training and hiring local people to plant and maintain their trees. They also support the development of lost or damaged biodiversity, which is not only a central pillar in the lives of local people, but also allows life and species to thrive. To ensure these benefits, all Eden’s trees, including our 13,020 planted during Green Live, will be native species to their planted location, maximising their benefit to local communities and ecosystems.

Environmental Benefit:

  • Act as valuable carbon sinks in absorbing CO2.
  • Help create ecosystems in which biodiversity can thrive.

Economic Benefit:

  • Support local employment and training opportunities in the planting and maintaining of new forests.
  • Establish and protect economic activity, including the collection and trading of non-wood-based forest products and resources.

Social Benefit:

  • Establish reliable food sources for local populations, including vegetation, meat, and honey.
  • Supporting local cultures which have been damaged by deforestation.

Treepoints Tree planting Mission:

The trees we planted at Green Live are only a dent in our tree planting ambitions here at Treepoints. With each of our subscribers helping us plant at least 120 trees a year. With your help, we soon hope our trees will be in the millions, helping to not only reduce global emissions, but also supporting the development of some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

If you would like to get involved with our tree planting, plastic removal, and offsetting projects, sign up with us today and become a member of the Treepoints team.


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