Treepoints Came 17th in The TechRound 100

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We are excited to announce that Treepoints is 17th in the Techround 100, TechRound’s flagship event of the year. With over 3,000 applicants, we are not only delighted to feature on the list alongside other great startups, but are thrilled to be in the top 20.

The TechRound judges recognised Treepoints success in taking “the headache out of offsetting and in turn reward people for doing good for the planet.” Having launched Treepoints in November 2020, the judges were especially impressed with Treepoints ability to create an effective business model during the pandemic to help individuals and businesses tackle their carbon footprint.

Unlike TechRound’s 29 Under 29 Entrepreneurs announced earlier this month, in which our founders Jacob Wedderburn-Day and Anthony Collias came an amazing 9th, this award recognises the work and success of the whole Treepoints team. Also featuring in the top-20 was Discord, in 20th, and Getir, in 18th, alongside many other great startups who we are honored to feature alongside.

What is TechRound 100?

TechRound is where UK decision-makers, investors and startups find the latest insights and news from across the UK’s tech and startup industry.

The TechRound 100 aims to highlight the success of UK startups, businesses and entrepreneurs over the last year, hoping to provide inspiration for the next generation of startups and entrepreneurs.

The judges were keen to highlight “There was a significant number of applications with a sustainability focus, from measuring and reducing carbon footprints, to recycling, electric charging and saving on waste and plastic. The number of sustainable start-ups really stood out this year.” This growth in sustainable startups, developing a creative and revolutionary way to help tackle the climate crisis, is a community we at Treepoints are proud to join.

We would like to thank TechRound for all their hard work over the last few weeks in accessing all applicants, and we are looking forward to seeing the exciting startups appearing on the TechRound 100 in 2022.

You can view everyone who is featured on The TechRound 100 here.


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