Top Sustainable Living Blogs and Accounts To Follow

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We’re the first ones to admit that sustainable living isn’t always easy. We all make mistakes, and it can be tough to stay motivated on your sustainability journey. Especially so on days when it feels like the world is up against you. 

But the good news is, you don’t have to do it on your own! There’s a whole community of people figuring it out together and learning from each other. Interested in zero-waste living, plant-based eating or sustainable shopping? You can bet your reusable bag that there’s a blog specialising in just that. 

Top Sustainable Living Blogs and Accounts to Follow For Inspiration Every Day

We’ve done a roundup of the best ethical and sustainable living blogs and accounts to follow for keeping inspired and motivated every day. Whether for you it’s day 1 or day 100, these bloggers have got all the advice, tips, and green content inspiration you need to motivate your sustainable lifestyle. 

Earth By Helena

Flight-free, plant-based, Helena’s Instagram feed is the perfect place to start to educate yourself on the climate crisis. Her posts break down complicated topics like Green Colonialism, Overpopulation, and Intersectionality in climate change. She gives us straightforward explanations with super helpful visuals.  

Helena is passionate about intersectional climate and human rights activism. So make sure to follow her for engaging content helping us all to understand the climate crisis. 

Let’s Talk Slow

Stephanie van den Sigtenhorst, the brains behind Let’s Talk Slow, is a champion of sustainable fashion. Her blog brings us “an honest lifestyle platform that takes you on a conscious journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.” We’re obsessed. And if you just can’t get enough of her content, she’s also written a fantastic book called ‘A Sustainable Wardrobe’, a guide on how to create a lasting wardrobe. 

Sustainable Elle

Sustainable Elle shares Elle’s journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. This is an ideal accompaniment for anyone setting out on their own sustainability journey. She discusses everything from reusable razors to eco candles and deodorants, providing us with the tools and inspiration to make eco-friendly choices. 

On her blog, she quotes Anne-Marie Bonneau: “we don’t need a handful of people doing zero-waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” Elle, we couldn’t agree more.


Ssustainably is run by Gaia, a queen of sustainable fashion and conscious consumerism. She shares simple, digestible content on the topic of sustainability. On her page, you’ll find recommendations and tips for sustainable shopping, as well as discussions of moral issues in the fashion industry. We especially love her post on Conscious Consumerism and ethical consumption. 

Madeleine Olivia 

Madeleine Olivia’s blog and Instagram feed will provide you with all the plant-based content you could ever want. Uploading delicious vegan recipes to try, she keeps us inspired about plant-based cooking. Not only this, Madeleine Olivia is also passionate about sustainability, slow living, and minimalism. 

Gitte Mary

Gitte Mary’s blog covers everything from zero waste and vegan recipes to sustainable fashion and eco beauty, making it a perfect hub for green living inspiration. Her beautiful pics would be enough to convert even the most dedicated meat-eater to plant-based living. And she has plenty of advice on what containers to use, and navigating the world of food packaging, which is infinitely useful. 🙏

Sustainably Vegan

Immy Lucas has built up a large following on Instagram for her awesome content around plant-based living. Not only is she vegan, but she has helpful advice specifically about seasonal eating and sustainability, which are all too easy to forget about. Zero waste and sustainable lifestyles can be hard to follow, but Immy Lucas is right there with us. She answers all our questions and helps us along the way. And we also love her suggested reading lists for educating ourselves more about green living. 

Blue Ollis

Blue Ollis is all about promoting ‘intentional living’. Making conscious choices in our shopping and eating habits seems all the simpler with Blue Ollis showing us the way. As she says, “every post is designed with clean, simple, green living in mind”. Make sure to check out her tips for zero-waste travel and sustainability on the go. We get questions about travelling sustainably all the time, and Blue Ollis has tons of helpful advice. 

Tori Tsui 

Tori Tsui is an activist and writer, passionate about intersectional climate justice and (environ)mental health. She has worked on a number of amazing projects which she writes about on her blog and Instagram, including Sail To The COP, addressing the issues around the sustainability of travel methods. We love her thought-provoking, reflective content, and we think you will too. 


So that’s a roundup of the top sustainable living accounts. We’re constantly on the lookout for bloggers and accounts that share their sustainability journey. Is there a blog you love that you think should feature on this list? Let us know in the comments below. 

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