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Listeners contributing to climate action simply by hitting play

More and more individuals and businesses are waking up to the urgency of the climate crisis and asking themselves how they can take action. From carbon offsetting your commute, to planting a tree every time you search the web, people are coming up with new and innovative ways to make climate action part of everyday activities. Today, The Oblique Life joins the fight with carbon offsetting for every listen of their Global Goals podcast. 

Going forwards, for every 1000 listeners, The Oblique Life will be offsetting 1 tonne of CO2 – roughly equivalent to a one-way flight from Paris to New York. This carbon offsetting takes the form of carbon reduction schemes around the world, selected and managed by Treepoints. And all people need to do to support this offsetting is listen to the podcast, which is full of important content about the issues we’re facing as a planet. 

Carbon offsetting is a way of accounting for our carbon footprint by reducing emissions elsewhere. This is most commonly either directly through carbon capture and tree planting, or by preventing future emissions, such as funding the transition to clean electricity. 

The portfolio of Treepoints carbon reduction projects supported by The Oblique Life includes a wind power plant in Rajasthan, India, a hydroelectric power plant generating clean electricity in Honduras, and reforestation in Panama, to name a few. These projects have all been verified to the highest standard, and promote sustainable development in vulnerable communities around the world as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

A complete list of the projects supported by Treepoints, and more information about their benefits, is available on their website. Evidence of the carbon offsetting on behalf of The Oblique Life and others is made available to the public through a public ledger, where all donations and offsets are recorded.

“Not only will listeners develop their understanding of the issues facing our society today listening to the podcast, they’ll also be offsetting carbon with every listen,” commented Jacob Wedderburn-Day, co-founder of Treepoints. “If we want to reach our climate targets by 2050, we’re going to need to work together as a society, which is why collaborations like this are so important.”

Together, The Oblique Life and Treepoints are fighting climate change and raising public awareness of the importance of taking responsibility for our personal impact on the planet. Treepoints’ aim is to simplify carbon offsetting for individuals and businesses, and The Oblique Life promotes sharing and collaboration to deliver maximum positive impact.

It is in this spirit of collaboration that these two are working together to promote climate action. For listeners of the podcast, not only are they learning about important issues of our time, they are also actively contributing to reducing carbon emissions. And all they have to do is hit play. 

About The Oblique Life Global Goals Podcast

The Oblique Life is dedicated to supporting and promoting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Through their podcast, they host speakers who not only have incredible knowledge around the issues we face, but are also at the forefront of driving changes we need to see. Their aim is to educate and inspire listeners to collaborate with one another and show them that change is possible no matter where you are or how small you might think your impact is. The first episode investigates “Consumerism in the 21st Century”; how it is causing many of today’s global economic, social and environmental problems.

About Treepoints

Treepoints simplifies carbon offsetting for businesses and individuals. Through a monthly subscription plan, Treepoints helps individuals and businesses lower their impact on the climate, and rewards them for doing so. Members support climate projects around the world, removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, and keep track of their progress on their profile. Rewards take the form of credits that can be spent on the Treepoints green marketplace on eco-friendly brands. To find out more or start offsetting your carbon footprint, go here. You can also keep up to date by following them on social media.

If you have a business and are interested in carbon offsetting or tree planting, don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected]

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