The month in Treepoints: November

Published by Jacob Wedderburn-Day on

November has been a busy month at the Treepoints HQ. We launched Treepoints to the public, added our first partners to our eco-friendly marketplace, and supported 8 carbon reduction projects across three continents. 

Here’s a little summary of the month in Treepoints. 

Projects you supported this month 

In November, our community of Treepoints members supported carbon reduction projects around the world.

Projects supported in November:

Together, we offset a total of 87.35 tonnes of CO2 emissions across the month. 

As you can see in the graph below, we have made donations to Gold Standard carbon reduction projects twice weekly throughout November.

That’s equivalent to…

Check out the Treepoints public ledger if you want to see the Gold Standard certificates of our impact. Gold Standard is an independent carbon reduction standards commission, verified by the UN and founded by the WWF. 

The Treepoints Community

This month 55 new members joined Treepoints. That’s 55 more people who want to ensure a better, greener future for our planet. 

Eco-friendly partners on our Rewards Platform

We launched our brand new rewards platform for our members. Here, you can exchange your Treepoints for discounts and rewards with awesome environmentally conscious brands such as Chilly’s Bottles, Brewdog, Patagonia, and Mindful Chef. 

Keep an eye on the marketplace, accessed through your My Account page as we’re constantly adding new exciting partners. 

Remember that if you want to earn extra Treepoints, you can refer friends and family. You get 200 extra points for referring a friend and 600 for referring a business.