Sustainable Founders: Alessandro Rocchi, of Georganics

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Dental care that works with nature

For the next instalment of our sustainable founders series, we caught up with Alessandro Rocchi, the founder of Georganics, a zero-waste, environmentally-friendly range of oral care products. Rocchi started the company in 2014 after noticing a complete lack of sustainable options available for dental hygiene and deciding to do something about it.

We spoke about what makes him feel hopeful for the future, why he finds inspiration in Mission Blue and how he tries to keep life as plastic-free as possible.

What was your green light bulb moment for starting Georganics?

One day I was in my bathroom and was thinking about the amount of non-recyclable waste my bathroom was producing. I had also been struggling with poor oral health, despite doing everything “right” such as using high-fluoride toothpaste and strong alcohol-based mouthwashes to try to reduce my cavities. I decided to make the switch to natural health and hygiene products which used less or recyclable packaging. Natural soaps, deodorants and moisturisers weren’t a problem to find, but toothpaste? Nope. So, that was it, my lightbulb moment and Georganics was created.

How does Georganics help fight climate change?

We are a zero-waste company, so everything from our containers to our packaging can be recycled, re-purposed or composted…. we have a zero to landfill policy which means everything we produce never has to end up as waste.

What makes you feel hopeful for a sustainable future?

Young people make me feel hopeful, these days they are so much more aware of the impact we are having on our planet and are making more of a conscious effort to choose sustainable products.

What is your favourite product (your own)?

Our Toothsoap is my favourite product, there is nothing else like it on the market and is the best product for travelling with as well as being completely compostable. I like how naturally foaming it is, it really is unique and comes in both English Peppermint and Activated Charcoal.

Where do you source your materials?

Our team have worked really hard to source the most natural and sustainable ingredients from around the world, we are accredited by the soil association, the vegan society and cruelty free international (to name a few) so its imperative that everything we research and implement sits alongside their guidelines.

Who are you inspired by? (Could be an individual, a company, a movement etc)

Too many to mention but The Sylvia Earle alliance, Mission Blue is particularly special to me, it encourages action to explore and protect the ocean and her campaigns to save the world’s oceans from threats such as overfishing and toxic waste are inspiring.

What green business practices are you most proud of as a company?

Our aim as a company is to be fully sustainable, from our products to our manufacturing processes we are on a constant journey to be part of the circular economy. I am very proud of our products and the ease we give our customers to invest in a product that is 100% sustainable.

What does sustainability look like for you outside of your work?

Living as much of a plastic free existence as possible.

What are the biggest challenges in running a sustainable business?

Convincing people to invest that little bit more into using a natural product, oral health care is so accessible and cheap but the impact of just bathroom waste on the planet and the chemical we are putting in our bodies for the sake of saving money does not add up, changing people’s minds is always the most challenging part.

Where can we read more about Georganics’ sustainability practices?

You can read everything about us from our certifications to the business itself on our website as well as our social feeds, we have a fantastic blog catalogue where we try to educate as well as talking about current environmental issues, we are all facing.

You can follow Georganics @georganics on Instagram.

For every Georganics order, customers can opt-in to planting two trees with Treepoints.