Carbon offsetting in Indonesia: Sidrap Wind Farm Project

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Generating enough clean energy from wind to power over 70,000 local homes in Sulawesi, Indonesia. 

Sidrap wind farm


The Sidrap Wind Farm is located in South Sulawesi, a province on one of the islands that makes up Indonesia.The farm consists of 30 wind farms, which produces over 253,000 MWh of renewable energy every year. This is enough to power over 70,000 local homes, reducing Indonesia’s dependence on fossil fuels for electricity. 

About the project

Sidrap is Indonesia’s first utility scale wind farm. Investing in projects like this one by purchasing carbon credits is a way of supporting clean, innovative businesses and technologies. Particularly in developing countries, without such funding it can be difficult to scale these projects and prove their positive impact. 

Sidrap wind farm project

Historically, Indonesia has relied on fossil fuels for power generation, which release huge amounts of polluting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere when burnt. This wind farm reduces air pollution as wind energy releases no emissions, making it a clean source of power. 

The project also provides local employment opportunities, creating over 35 new jobs for locals. From the outset, the developers of the Sidrap wind farm have been committed to promoting equal pay for work of equal value, setting a precedent for economic development in the region. 

Moreover, the wind farm raises awareness both locally and internationally of climate change mitigation and reduction. This promotes Indonesia as a country committed to minimising greenhouse gas emissions through renewable energy development. The success of projects like the Sidrap Wind Farm will encourage more investment in clean energy and climate change action, benefitting our planet. 

Sidrap Wind farm project

This project is certified to the highest level by Gold Standard, as approved by the UN. Read more about Gold Standard’s certification process. 

Cost (USD / tonne of CO2e): $10 (read more about how this is calculated)

The impacts and benefits of this project: 

  • Reducing Indonesia’s dependence on fossil fuels for power generation
  • Providing clean electricity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to air pollution
  • Local employment opportunities
  • Raising awareness of the importance of climate change action
  • Providing the infrastructure for climate change mitigation and impact reduction
  • Promoting Indonesia as a country committed to renewable energy development 

Sustainable Development Goals

One of the requirements of Gold Standard certification is that the projects meet at least 3 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, of which one is climate action. This means that as well as fighting climate change by offsetting carbon emissions, the projects your money is supporting contribute to sustainable development for ecosystems and communities around the world. 

The goals met by this project are: 

7. Affordable and clean energy – Energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity

8. Decent work and economic growth – Sustainable economic growth will require societies to create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs.

13. Climate action

Read more about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

South Sulawesi on the map

Your impact

You can see a record of our donation to this project on our public ledger. You can also view global contributions to this project on Gold Standard’s impact registry. 

Thanks to the contributions of our members, we are reducing carbon emissions for a more sustainable future.