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We have an exciting announcement! 

Since our beginning we have been partnered with Plastic Bank to help aid the collection of plastic waste before it reaches the marine environment. However, we thought it was about time to shake things up…. Seeing as we have brought on another tree planting partner, Trees For The Future, it seemed only fair to do the same for plastic.

Enter CleanHub!

We are so excited to say that we will be buying the majority of our plastic for our partners/subscribers from CleanHub’s subscription service from now on and topping any extra with Plastic Bank.

Treepoints impact dashboard

CleanHub’s mission is “to build an equal economy for the non-recyclable plastic that isn’t currently collected because it has no value”.  They have created a track-and-trace software which is utilized by collection hubs to register the collected plastics and track where they end up. Recycled plastic that is collected is sold on for local recycling, and the low-value plastic is sent for co-processing. This plastic is collected before it becomes ocean-bound, through partnerships with a variety of projects.

“Our collection efforts are targeted at regions with the greatest risk of mismanaged plastic waste entering our oceans”.

In terms of our risk matrix, CleanHub scores high:

Additionality:  High- low-value plastic would not have been co-processed without the funding. CleanHub claims to create better working conditions for the employees of the suppliers/projects.

Education: Provides ‘resources’ tab, offers playbook on how to ‘kick start your sustainable journey’

End of Life: End-stage of the plastic can be traced through the CleanHub app. 

Plastic being collected: Both recyclable and non-recyclable plastics are collected, but CleanHub has a main focus on recovering non-valued plastic and ensuring it is sent to co-processing. All recyclable plastic is sent for recycling. 

We are very excited to see our impact with CleanHub and how our collective impact grows!


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