Launching our New Eco-friendly Rewards Platform

Published by Anthony Collias on

We have some exciting news! Over at Treepoints HQ we’ve been working hard to launch our brand new eco-friendly rewards platform for our members – and it’s finally here! 

How does it work?

It’s very simple. Every time you donate to Treepoints or refer a new member, you earn Treepoints.

Donating to Treepoints helps you to offset your carbon emissions.

Think of them as like airmiles, except good for the planet. It’s our way of saying thank you for investing in a greener future. 

Rewards vs. discounts

Head over to the Rewards Platform from your Account page to check out what discounts and rewards are available. 

All of our discounts and rewards partners are selected for their commitment to a more sustainable future for our planet.

In time we hope to cover all aspects of modern living from clothing and homeware to gifts and food & drink – making Treepoints your go-to green hub for sustainable shopping. 

Eco-friendly Discounts

Browse all discounts available from eco-friendly brands like The Contented Company, Sustainabox and Be For Change. These are exclusive to our members and won’t cost you any of your points. 

To claim a discount, all you need to do is click on the tile of the brand you want and follow the instructions. Make sure to look out for the discount code to use at checkout. 

A selection of our current offers are…

Eco-friendly Rewards

Treepoints rewards allows you to spend your Treepoints on gift cards and products from sustainable brands like Brewdog, Patch plants, and Farmdrop

All you need to do is select the gift or gift card amount that you would like and then you will be emailed instructions on how to redeem it. 

Some of our current green partners include…

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How to earn extra Treepoints

Keen to earn extra Treepoints to access more discounts on our eco-friendly rewards platform? Of course you are. Lucky for you there are several ways to go about it:

  • Subscribe to a higher plan – the more you donate, the more Treepoints you will earn every month
  • Refer friends and family – Every time you sign up a new member, you earn 750 Treepoints (equivalent to £7.50)
  • Sign up your company – Referring a company to Treepoints will earn you upwards of £1500 Treepoints, which works out at about £15! Remember, when your company signs up to a plan, their Treepoints are split equally among their team members, meaning you all benefit from extra points

Find your referral code on your Account page. 

Not a Treepoints member yet? Head over to our main site and pick the subscription plan that’s right for you now.