Drink Cider. Plant Trees.

Published by Jacob Wedderburn-Day on

Treepoints partners with Crafty Nectar to plant trees with every cider purchase

The UK’s no.1 online destination for cider Crafty Nectar is partnering with Treepoints as part of their commitment to lowering carbon emissions and planting trees. The new collaboration will see a donation made to Treepoints with every purchase made on the Crafty Nectar website, which is used to plant a tree in a range of locations around the world. 

Here’s what co-founder James had to say about the partnership:

“Sustainability is at the ‘core’ (excuse the pun!) of what we do. By supporting small cider makers around the UK we are helping reduce our carbon footprint. This is not enough to offset our emissions through the UK wide delivery. Through our partnership with Treepoints we are planting forests to reduce CO2, encourage biodiversity and support a more sustainable future for our planet. By the end of 2022 we want to be a carbon neutral company and have planted 1 million trees ” (James Waddington, Co-Founder)

About Crafty Nectar

Crafty Nectar was founded in 2015, to provide a wider range of quality craft ciders to the UK market through subscription-based home delivery. The company’s founders Ed and James place sustainability and protection of the local environment at the heart of the business, which the partnership with Treepoints will build on. Packaging materials are 100% biodegradable and recyclable, and there is a huge focus on supporting local producers, who maintain and nurture UK orchards. 

Sustainability in the cider industry 

The cider industry is one of the least damaging of all the beverage manufacturers, with its often locally grown and hand picked fruit, wild fermentation methods, limited heating (compared to beer) and low emissions. The protection of local orchards, which have been in a slow decline for the last fifty years, is another priority for Crafty Nectar. The company points to the protection of plant and animal life, and in particular bees, which play a crucial role in local biodiversity.

To find out more about Crafty Nectar, visit their website at craftynectar.com

About Treepoints

Treepoints’ mission is to help everyday individuals do good for the planet, and their service will enable cider drinkers to track their impact on carbon offsetting and reducing greenhouse gases. They can also claim rewards on the Treepoint platform. This is a cause which is also important to Crafty Nectar, one of the most environmentally-aware operators in a drinks sector which is often challenged to improve its environmental credentials.