Climate Action made simple: How businesses can plant trees for every transaction

Published by Georgia Crump on

With Treepoints, it’s easy to get your business taking positive climate action with every product you sell. 

It’s no secret that sustainable initiatives are good for business and good for the planet.

A recent survey found that two-thirds of people consider sustainability when making a purchase and are willing to pay more for sustainable products. 

But it’s not enough just to say you support the environment, to avoid accusations of greenwashing, there’s a need for clear goals, action plans, and accountability. Treepoints tree planting and carbon offsetting helps businesses turn intentions into climate positive actions.

If you want to start planting trees or carbon offsetting for your products and services, Treepoints makes it simple. 

Examples of our partners’ climate positive action: 

  • 1 tree planted for every product in your customer’s basket
  • Offset 100kg of carbon for every 100 listens of your podcast
  • 10 trees planted for every ticket sold for your event

Tree Planting 

Tree planting is one of the best ways we have to fight climate change. Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere as well as providing homes for wildlife, preventing desertification, and restarting water cycles. 

All of our tree planting is done with Eden Reforestation Projects, fighting climate change and supporting sustainable development around the world. Eden’s mission is to empower people through tree planting, offering stable employment for impoverished communities. 

Your trees will be distributed across Eden’s sites in Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nepal, and Nicaragua. 

You can read more about our Eden’s tree planting here

Carbon Offsetting

Treepoints can help you estimate the carbon footprint of your products and services and then offset it. Our carbon offsetting is always verified to the highest level by independent third parties such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Gold Standard. This guarantees the impact and additionality of our partners’ carbon offsetting. 

We select a broad portfolio of carbon reduction projects that cover a range of sustainable development benefits, including providing solar cook stoves for refugees in Chad, protecting biodiversity in Panama, and generating clean electricity from wind energy in Indonesia. 

We share regular updates on the projects we’re supporting via email and social media, as well as displaying all our offsetting certificates on a public ledger

How it works 

Getting started with tree planting or carbon offsetting couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Choose whether you want to plant trees, offset carbon, or both 
  2. Use our API to integrate into your checkout flow (view docs here)
  3. Start directly supporting positive climate action

It’s up to you whether you want to plant trees on behalf of your customers or offer as an opt-in at checkout.

What you get: 

  • Regular invoices and updates on your progress
  • Public impact dashboard to showcase your impact
  • PR and marketing support from our dedicated team 

Is your business on Shopify?

We also have a simple Shopify plugin: All you need to do is install one line of code and use the Shopify admin panel for customisation. 

Make your team carbon neutral

Statistics show that 70% of employees in a survey said that they were more likely to work at a company with a strong environmental agenda. 

If you want to go further in climate positive action, you can offset the carbon footprint of your employees. This covers travel for work and emissions from your employees’ personal lives. When you’ve offset all your emissions, your business becomes carbon neutral. 

Treepoints’ monthly plans allow you to choose the right subscription for your business, depending on the frequency of your employees’ work travel, and the size of your team. 

Other ways to make your business climate positive: 

  • Offer tree planting as a perk for your employees
  • Run workshops for your team about the importance of sustainability 
  • Switch to a green energy provider in your office 

Our mission is to simplify fighting climate change for all businesses and individuals. Whether you’re a team of 3 or 3000 we can help you. You can always start with tree planting and build up to a fully carbon neutral workforce.

Any questions? Get in touch with us at [email protected] to discuss your options and get started on your climate positive journey today.