Update on Carbon Offsetting with Treepoints

Published by Georgia Crump on

Jake and Ant here, co-founders at Treepoints. We wanted to talk you through some changes that we’re making to the way we price our memberships. Since we launched 3 months ago, we’ve been working to find and support the best projects in climate action. Well we’ve done our research, and we’ve got some good news. 

The price of carbon offsetting 

If you’re a bit nerdy about Economics like we are, then you may be aware of the simple rule that the more you buy of something, the closer the price is to the original low wholesale cost. If you want the technical term, this is known as economies of scale. Put simply, buy more and it costs less.

Well the same is true of carbon credits. 

As an individual, you have to pay a higher price to offset your carbon footprint than you would if you were say Amazon, or Google, who are buying much, much larger sums of carbon offsets than you or I would ever do. Now this hardly seems fair, right? 

Treepoints gives you a fair price for offsetting 

When we realised this, we thought to ourselves: there should be a way that individuals can access the lower prices of carbon offsetting the same as big corporations. Otherwise we’re making individuals pay more to help save our planet. And we want to encourage people to fight climate change, not make them pay extra. 

So, as you know, every month, we collect up all the donations of our members and put them towards amazing carbon reduction projects around the world. 

And your total carbon footprint remains exactly the same as when you joined Treepoints (unless you’ve moved country, in which case you should get in touch). 

The maths

We buy our carbon credits in a large volume to access the low original wholesale prices. And we then pass this cost saving onto you, our valued Treepoints members. 

The price tiers are: 

(Offsets 0.5 average resident)
£3.254,25 €$8.50
(Offsets 1 average resident)
£6.508,50 €$17.00
(Offsets 2 average residents)
£9.7512,75 €$25.50
(Offsets 3 average residents)
£13.0017,00 €$35.00

You should pick your plan according to your carbon footprint. This is based on your diet, where you live, how often you fly, and how you get about. 

If you’re unsure, here’s a link to our carbon footprint calculator

The lowest tier offsets roughly half of the average carbon footprint of a resident of your currency’s region (dollars for North America, euros for Europe etc). If you would like to offset more than one person – perhaps your partner for a family member, then you can simply upgrade to the next tier to offset enough CO2 for both of you.

It probably goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway, you should only be offsetting once you’ve reduced your carbon footprint as much as possible. This means making sensible lifestyle changes. Offsetting isn’t a licence to pollute, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! 

If you do want to change your membership at any point, you can do this easily by logging into your account and clicking on Manage My Subscription. 

What else does my subscription include?

As well as carbon offsetting, every subscription also includes tree planting and funding the collection of ocean-bound plastic. This makes it a fully planet positive subscription.

Here is a simple breakdown of what each subscription tier includes:

Don’t forget to refer a friend

It’s now just £3.25 a month to start working towards a climate positive lifestyle. That’s the same as a muffin from Pret. Refer your friends and family to Treepoints so they can join the fight for our planet.

And to say thanks, we’ll give you extra Treepoints to spend eco-friendly brands from our rewards platform. 

We now give 1000 Treepoints for each referral you sign up (equivalent to £10) and 500 goes to the person you refer (that’s £5 for them to spend on rewards!)

Any questions?

Phew that was quite a lot of information wasn’t it? If you have any questions at all about any of this, or just fancy a chat, drop us an email at [email protected]. Our team is always on hand to help and we love meeting members of the Treepoints community. 

Jake and Ant from Treepoints 🌳